How to have work-life balance

In Victoria where I live, we have recently entered another stage of lockdown due to Covid, so I thought it was time for a reminder about work-life balance. Not just about balance but also about work-life fulfilment. In previous lockdowns, I found myself working incredibly long hours. I also lived in a two bedroom apartmentContinue reading “How to have work-life balance”

Ladies and gents…. You have got this!

So one of the trickiest things I have had to learn in my career is how to back myself. Not just in a ‘yeah…maybe…I can kinda do this’ I mean in a ‘bring it on and fight me on this’ kinda way.  Let’s start at the beginning shall we?  When I first started Valuations IContinue reading “Ladies and gents…. You have got this!”

Stand out from the crowd with your resume

This week I want to talk about making your resume stand out. Tessa is a gun at improving resumes and between the two of us we’ve come up with some top tips. Check them out and comment below if you think we’ve missed some important ones! Two pages MAX If there is only one thingContinue reading “Stand out from the crowd with your resume”

The things that scare you

I’ve just started a new job as an Engagement Manager. Basically it’s a project manager role – it’s my job to manage the schedule, budget and scope of projects and manage resources like technical consultants.  It’s a big shift from my last job. I used to be one of the technical consultants that I nowContinue reading “The things that scare you”

What am I good at? Figuring out your strengths

Before I talk about the ‘how’ of figuring out your strengths, I want to talk about the ‘why’. You’ve probably heard the term ‘Imposter Syndrome’ before, particularly if you’ve read our ‘Is it just luck?‘ post. Imposter Syndrome is something that can more commonly affect women, wherein you feel that you are a fraud andContinue reading “What am I good at? Figuring out your strengths”

4 ways to be an ally of women at work

When we started Career Queens, both Tess and I assumed that the vast majority of our audience would be other like-minded, career driven women. I’m happy to say that we’ve found a lot of our readership to also be men, who are interested in becoming more engaged and supportive of their female colleagues.  So byContinue reading “4 ways to be an ally of women at work”