Girls are strong too

During high school I had a male PE teacher who made sexist remarks and treated the girls differently from the boys. On one memorable occasion, he had us practicing kicking soccer goals. He set the girls up at one line first and then said, “and the boys will kick from the line alllllll the wayContinue reading “Girls are strong too”

What am I good at? Figuring out your strengths

Before I talk about the ‘how’ of figuring out your strengths, I want to talk about the ‘why’. You’ve probably heard the term ‘Imposter Syndrome’ before, particularly if you’ve read our ‘Is it just luck?‘ post. Imposter Syndrome is something that can more commonly affect women, wherein you feel that you are a fraud andContinue reading “What am I good at? Figuring out your strengths”

Take the leap!

Taking a leap of faith…such a scary thought right? Taking a step from a place of comfort and safety into the unknown. The place where we don’t know what is coming, or the challenges we will face. I recently left my position as Site Manager at a company I have been working at for theContinue reading “Take the leap!”


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