What is Career Queens?

We started putting together Career Queens because we wanted a place for like-minded women who are in the early stages of their career to connect. The challenges that young women in the workforce face are unique, so we wanted a forum to address those challenges. We also want to help celebrate the triumphs of women, and speak to successful women who have valuable advice to share.

Ultimately we want Career Queens to be a forum where you can share your highs and lows, and also connect with other people to help build your career.

About the founders

Jessica Blake

Hi fellow Career Queens! I’m 27 years old and currently working as a Professional Services Consultant in the tech industry. I have a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Ancient History, which as you can imagine is super useful for working in tech!

I’m also in love with literature and writing which is why for the most part I’ll be the voice behind the blog you’ll read on the website. We hope to interview other super star women along the journey too.

I decided to start Career Queens with my best friend Tessa because we often found ourselves talking about the challenges that young women face in the workplace and the lessons we’ve learnt along the way.

I want to share those lessons and also speak to other like-minded ladies who have been challenged and triumphed themselves. It should be normal for women to be able to vocalise their passions and ambitions for their careers, and I hope Career Queens helps women voice those feelings.

Tessa Leigh-Lancaster

Hey Queens! I am a 26 year old Melbourne based property valuer and am absolutely in love with my job (seriously ask anyone I know…. I dare you!), my horse, dog, cat and oh yeah my husband too (when he isn’t being a pain in the butt! Kidding!). 

I have been in the property industry for 6 years….which you guessed it means I started when I was a fresh old 20 something who knew nothing about what I was getting myself into…literally nothing!

If I am being honest (just between us girls) I still have a lot to learn about navigating a career which is male dominated, while looking young for my age and having only half the clients I deal with take me seriously….which is why Career Queens was born!

We wanted to create a platform for females to come together as we all navigate our way through… well the sh*t our careers throws at us!

So lets all put on our gorgeous leather ankle boots, grab our assertiveness (yes unnamed co-worker it is assertiveness not b*tchyness) and start taking one step at a time to achieve those goals (even though mine change approximately every few months – just ask Jess I literally have no idea how she keeps up with me!)!!!

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