Navigating a Meeting with a Mansplainer

Mansplaining is not a very popular term for a number of reasons, primarily because men (understandably) tend to be offended by it. Not all men are Mansplainers and not all Mansplainers are men. Not all Mansplainers content themselves with explaining to just women. Often men can be victims to Mansplainers. But the reason this termContinue reading “Navigating a Meeting with a Mansplainer”

How to work with someone as old as your Dad

It was interesting when I started researching this post how little writing there is on this subject. I tried looking up “How to work with older workers” in Google, and most of the results were referencing “How to manage someone older than you”. That might be a topic for another day.  For now, what IContinue reading “How to work with someone as old as your Dad”

Dress for success – Can I still wear a dress?

Dressing for success seems to be a very different problem for women than for men. Not to say that men can’t or don’t have similar pressures when it comes to outside professional appearance. It does however seem to be a theme that what a woman is wearing can often overshadow great work she’s doing. OneContinue reading “Dress for success – Can I still wear a dress?”