Spinning the web of your network

I think a lot of people struggle with networking because in a way it can feel ingenuine. It certainly can be, if your intention is to only be connected with people who might possibly give you a job one day. But there’s definitely other reasons to network, and I would argue that growing your communityContinue reading “Spinning the web of your network”

4 ways to be an ally of women at work

When we started Career Queens, both Tess and I assumed that the vast majority of our audience would be other like-minded, career driven women. I’m happy to say that we’ve found a lot of our readership to also be men, who are interested in becoming more engaged and supportive of their female colleagues.  So byContinue reading “4 ways to be an ally of women at work”

4 ways to ‘Zoom’ into remote work

This week I wanted to talk about working remotely and how to survive on Zoom. I’m coming up on 12 months working purely from home and spending 8 hour days on virtual meetings and I’m sure I must have learnt some useful things during that time! I’d also love to hear some tips from otherContinue reading “4 ways to ‘Zoom’ into remote work”

I want a promotion – How to prepare

Something that women are not particularly good at is self-promotion. I think this issue is particularly prevalent in Australia with ‘tall poppy’ syndrome and people feeling like they can’t talk about their achievements without sounding arrogant. Unfortunately self-promotion is a key part of asking for, and proving why you deserve a promotion. I’m going toContinue reading “I want a promotion – How to prepare”

How to be a warrior not a worrier

I’m a self confessed worrier. Usually when you worry it’s because you care so much about the outcome. Worrying can be good to make you be very purposeful in your actions, but it can also bridle your success. By constantly worrying, it can forestall you from making decisions and getting ahead. I’m by no meansContinue reading “How to be a warrior not a worrier”